5 Things About Me

>> 5 things you’ll find in my backpack/handbag

  • my wallet
  • a portable charger
  • my phone
  • a water bottle (#thirstyaf)
  • snacks cos dis bitch is always hungry

>> 5 things in my bedroom

  • K-pop posters (INFINITE, BTS and Monsta X)
  • 3 unicorn soft toys
  • Some tsum tsums (alliteration!!)
  • pictures of family & friends
  • my diary

>> 5 things I always wanted to do in life

  • migrate to a country so very far away from here
  • fall in love with a really nice and tall guy
  • have cute kids
  • get a pet cat and dog
  • die peacefully 🙂

>> 5 things that make me happy

  • anything Disney-related
  • unicorns, sparkles and glitter on anything 🙂
  • reading The Notebook, because that’s the happy ending I’m chasing after
  • sitting alone and thinking
  • flying out of Singapore

>> 5 things I’m currently into

  • Netflix
  • procrastinating
  • knitting
  • writing new quotes for my tumblr (shameless self-advertising)
  • dancing

>> 5 things on my to-do list

  • go to Costa Rica and volunteer at the sloth sanctuary there
  • erm, get kissed maybe? I’m already 19 😦
  • survive the boredom that is university life
  • fall in love
  • re-read all the Harry Potter books by Christmas

>> 5 things you may not know about me

  • I’m a polyglot (Eng, Chi, Kor & I’m starting on French)
  • I’m a massive Koreaboo
  • I know the entire script of all 3 Narnia movies by heart because I’ve watched them 100 times
  • I used to be an overachiever until Junior College, when I burnt out
  • My spirit animal is a unislothtato (a unicorn/sloth/potato)

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