{Seoul} Part 7: Namsam Tower, Cat Cafe & Tax Refunds

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Seoul is notoriously rainy in July, so we were worried that it would rain on the day we decided to visit Namsan/N-Seoul Tower, but thankfully, the clouds were on our side and kept it cloudy but not rainy for the whole day! We also went to Namdaemun and a cat cafe in Myeongdong on the same day; read on to be bombarded by more pictures of fluffy cats, you’ve been warned.


I’ll also be covering the process of getting a tax refund at the airport at the bottom of this post, so click on to find out more!

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{Seoul} Part 6: JYP, SM, YG Ent.

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This post is for all my fellow K-pop fans out there and contains directions to navigate your way to the various K-pop entertainment companies (JYP, FNC, YG), INFINITE’s Hapjeong dorm, and I’ll also feature a wonderful shopping paradise – COEX Mall, plus loads of pictures of SM Town Land/SMTOWN@coexartium.

I visited JYP Ent, SMTOWN@coexartium and Coex Mall in one day, and went to YG Ent the following day. These places are a mecca of sorts for us K-pop fans, so if your itinerary has a blank spot, why not make a ‘pilgrimage’  to the very buildings the idols work and train in?


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You’ve been warned: this post is basically a flood of pictures and my fangirling.

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on chasing dreams & positivity: My New Year’s Resolutions

Don’t cringe at the excessively-long title. I know it sounds like the sort of inspirational quotes that those pretentious Instagram-ers enjoy posting, or something out of a self-help 101 book. But I really am writing a post on…positivity and how crucial it is to surround yourself with supportive friends when chasing your dreams.

Being the underachiever that I am, I made many New Year’s Resolutions, knowing full well that there’s a 99% probability that I wouldn’t be able to follow through with some of the more far-fetched ones like ‘Keep fit’ and ‘Stop being a k-drama addict’. But in that list, I also wrote down goals that I genuinely want to work towards, because they would improve the quality of my life and better empower me to be a more useful human being.

Credit: LunarBaboon
Credit: LunarBaboon

I’m posting this on a relatively public platform because I want to feel accountable to an imaginary online community (and my friends who are reading this), rather than let these thoughts stay unheard in my little diary. Plus, future me will be able to look back on these goals and see whether she actually managed to fulfil any of them.

My 2017/Life Resolutions