ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye surgery: A Life-Changing Experience

Imagine a life free of spectacle smudges or the daily hassle of putting on & cleaning contact lenses. I’ve missed the feeling of having perfect eyesight, so just yesterday (28th Sept), I took the plunge and went for a life-changing surgery. In today’s post, I’ll be covering the benefits of ReLEx SMILE, the costs involved, as well as my experience at Eagle Eye Centre under Dr Julian Theng.

Life with Four Eyes

I’ve been stuck wearing spectacles since I was 9, with my degree having stabilised at 250 (for both eyes) for the past few years. My degree is/was pretty low by Singapore’s standards, where virtually everyone has myopia to some extent, so my lightweight glasses should theoretically have caused me fewer problems than other ‘four-eyed’ people, but…the truth is, they’ve always been a source of pain & discomfort for me.

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