About Me

Hello! I’m Faith, a dreamer who who loves travelling, singing, dancing and writing. I live in the sunny (more like hellishly hot) island of Singapore, but I harbour dreams of migrating someday. I wish I could introduce myself in a more exciting way, but unfortunately, I’m not very good at self-introductions. 😛

I’m currently a medical student in NUS YLLSoM (Class of 2021), and I was from RGS and RI (class of 2015), in case any old schoolmates stumble upon this blog. 🙂

Anyway, these are 5 random things you should know about me:

  1. My dream is to visit as many countries as possible until I find myself a new country to call home.
  2. I speak English and Chinese, and self-taught myself Korean & very basic French.
  3. I’m the type of girl who loves chick-flicks, anything pretty/glittery, and crying over The Notebook. But I’m also an action movie & Marvel fan.
  4. I like unicorns, cats and sloths
  5. I’m an INFP (if you’re into pigeonholing people by personality type)

So…I’ve always wanted to start an online journal of sorts as a form of catharsis, as well as to chronicle my thoughts & experiences and see how my dreams evolve over the years. I’m a writer, but most of my writing was limited to poetry and tumblr quotes (you can find my tumblr here). I never had a chance to write about myself – my experiences, my dreams and my travels; hence this blog was born.

I love travelling and go on holidays whenever I have a few weeks to spare, so I’ll also occasionally post about my travels, complete with day-by-day itineraries, primarily so I’ll be able to remember every little detail of my travel when I look at this blog 10 years down the road, but also to help anyone out there who might be planning a similar trip.

I also love taking excessively many photos no matter where I go, but since I’m too broke to afford a proper DSLR, all the photos featured on this blog are taken by my trusty, old and cracked iPhone 6 sparkly new iPhone 8.

And I’ll also write about my life as a medical student, to let anyone who’s interested in knowing more about this career path understand it better. 🙂

If you wanna be friends or have any questions for me, just connect with me on any of my social media, which you can find on my Contact page.