ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye surgery: A Life-Changing Experience

Imagine a life free of spectacle smudges or the daily hassle of putting on & cleaning contact lenses. I’ve missed the feeling of having perfect eyesight, so just yesterday (28th Sept), I took the plunge and went for a life-changing surgery. In today’s post, I’ll be covering the benefits of ReLEx SMILE, the costs involved, as well as my experience at Eagle Eye Centre under Dr Julian Theng.

Life with Four Eyes

I’ve been stuck wearing spectacles since I was 9, with my degree having stabilised at 250 (for both eyes) for the past few years. My degree is/was pretty low by Singapore’s standards, where virtually everyone has myopia to some extent, so my lightweight glasses should theoretically have caused me fewer problems than other ‘four-eyed’ people, but…the truth is, they’ve always been a source of pain & discomfort for me.

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on chasing dreams & positivity: My New Year’s Resolutions

Don’t cringe at the excessively-long title. I know it sounds like the sort of inspirational quotes that those pretentious Instagram-ers enjoy posting, or something out of a self-help 101 book. But I really am writing a post on…positivity and how crucial it is to surround yourself with supportive friends when chasing your dreams.

Being the underachiever that I am, I made many New Year’s Resolutions, knowing full well that there’s a 99% probability that I wouldn’t be able to follow through with some of the more far-fetched ones like ‘Keep fit’ and ‘Stop being a k-drama addict’. But in that list, I also wrote down goals that I genuinely want to work towards, because they would improve the quality of my life and better empower me to be a more useful human being.

Credit: LunarBaboon
Credit: LunarBaboon

I’m posting this on a relatively public platform because I want to feel accountable to an imaginary online community (and my friends who are reading this), rather than let these thoughts stay unheard in my little diary. Plus, future me will be able to look back on these goals and see whether she actually managed to fulfil any of them.

My 2017/Life Resolutions

Don’t Settle: A letter to my future self

Don’t settle for someone just because they fit all the boxes on your checklist; a person is more than just an amalgamation of adjectives. Does his soul feel like the home your wandering heart has always been waiting for?

Don’t settle for someone who hastily makes lofty promises of loving you for life; words could turn to dust within a day, or at least as soon as they find someone else more captivating to ‘love’. Wait for someone who doesn’t carelessly say ‘I love you’, so when they say it, you’ll know they mean it.

Don’t settle for someone because you’re afraid of missing out; if they’re the one, you’ll know it. If they’re not, spare both of yourselves the heartbreak of a love that was never meant to be, and wait for the right one.

Don’t settle for someone if it means compromising your own values; you matter too, and so do your beliefs. If their opinions and beliefs are too irreconcilably different from yours, it’s better to walk away than fight it out.

Don’t settle for someone just because you’re afraid you’ll never find anyone like him; maybe he’s handsome, intelligent or rich and he might seem like the prince you’ve waited forever for, but those things can be lost overnight. Wait for a love that nourishes your soul, not your materialism.

And the biggest fear of all: Settling for someone who isn’t willing to share your dream, and who makes you sacrifice it in the name of love. Someone who perfectly complements you in every other way, except that they don’t want to push you towards your dream (for whatever reason) or walk towards your goal alongside you. If you have to give up the most burning desire in your heart just to be happy with a person, don’t – you’ll regret and resent your choice one day, forever tortured with the question of ‘what if I had followed my dreams instead?’

on friendships made & lost

2016 has been an interesting year.

I made many new friends, stayed close to some old ones, drifted from others and lost a new friend.

The transition from 2015 to 2016 was significant enough to send some friendships into a state of flux, and I was filled with uncertainty and excitement in equal parts. 2015 was the year of our A levels, our graduation year, and the last year where I would be with the people I’d grown to know and love over the past 2 years in RI.

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5 Things About Me

>> 5 things you’ll find in my backpack/handbag

  • my wallet
  • a portable charger
  • my phone
  • a water bottle (#thirstyaf)
  • snacks cos dis bitch is always hungry

>> 5 things in my bedroom

  • K-pop posters (INFINITE, BTS and Monsta X)
  • 3 unicorn soft toys
  • Some tsum tsums (alliteration!!)
  • pictures of family & friends
  • my diary

>> 5 things I always wanted to do in life

  • migrate to a country so very far away from here
  • fall in love with a really nice and tall guy
  • have cute kids
  • get a pet cat and dog
  • die peacefully 🙂

>> 5 things that make me happy

  • anything Disney-related
  • unicorns, sparkles and glitter on anything 🙂
  • reading The Notebook, because that’s the happy ending I’m chasing after
  • sitting alone and thinking
  • flying out of Singapore

>> 5 things I’m currently into

  • Netflix
  • procrastinating
  • knitting
  • writing new quotes for my tumblr (shameless self-advertising)
  • dancing

>> 5 things on my to-do list

  • go to Costa Rica and volunteer at the sloth sanctuary there
  • erm, get kissed maybe? I’m already 19 😦
  • survive the boredom that is university life
  • fall in love
  • re-read all the Harry Potter books by Christmas

>> 5 things you may not know about me

  • I’m a polyglot (Eng, Chi, Kor & I’m starting on French)
  • I’m a massive Koreaboo
  • I know the entire script of all 3 Narnia movies by heart because I’ve watched them 100 times
  • I used to be an overachiever until Junior College, when I burnt out
  • My spirit animal is a unislothtato (a unicorn/sloth/potato)

Hello, It’s Me

I’m Faith, born in ’97 and currently studying in NUS Med. I’m a polyglot (🇬🇧🇰🇷🇨🇳🇫🇷), Christian, Koreaboo and a unicorn in disguise. I love thinking too deeply about anything and everything, as well as psychoanalysing song lyrics because words make me feel in ways that nothing else can. But I also have simpler hobbies like sleeping and binge-watching shows like Gotham, Elementary, Riverdale, Stranger Things, everything Marvel-related and some K-dramas.

I’ve been an active tumblr writer since 2014, posting my short pieces or writing there until recently, when I felt that one creative outlet simply wasn’t enough. I’ve been itching to blog about my travels, medical school and daily life, and long posts just aren’t tumblr-appropriate, which is why I’ve started this blog. I’ll post anything from travel blogs, to what life in YLLSoM is like, to random musings about life.

I have zero expectations for this blog and just needed to create my own safe-haven on the internet where I’m free to dish out my opinions, share my dreams with strangers online and write in a judgement-free environment. (but don’t we all know that the internet is the most judgmental place ever???)


xoxo, Faith