{Seoul, Part 2: Everland, Myeongdong Food & K-Beauty Review}

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Day 2

The day prior to our Everland visit, we reserved 3 tickets with Daesung tours (click for more details) over the phone, which included the entry to Everland plus a free 2-way shuttle bus from Myeongdong that very morning. We woke up bright and early, because the shuttle bus was due to pick us up from Myeongdong at 9.30AM. We paid for our tickets in cash before boarding the bus, then off we were to Yongin Everland!!

Picture spam ahead, you’ve been warned.

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{Seoul, Part 1: Our Itinerary + Myeongdong shopping}

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6Part 7

I’ve always wanted to document my many travel adventures but never did get around to doing it, so I’ve finally decided to make the effort to write about my itinerary in Seoul, how to get around on the subway and share some of the pictures I took there (wow, so much effort!!). Hopefully the information I’m sharing here will help at least 1 other soul on the internet to plan their dream vacation to Korea! 🙂

I’m a massive K-pop/K-drama fan and I’ve also taught myself Korean, so the destination I chose for my last vacation before starting med school was naturally Korea, the country that I had grown to love through a screen. This was my second time in Korea, the first being a ski trip when I was younger, but this time, I wanted to experience Seoul in the summer and be able to buy clothes I could wear in the forever-tropical Singapore.

Warning: I’m a major shopaholic, so most of the itinerary involves shopping, as opposed to visiting historical sites or scenic places. And I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m a massive K-pop fan; I visited JYP, YG and SM-COEX during my trip, stayed at Kyuhyun’s (SuJu, though I’m not an ELF) family guesthouse, as well as watched Sunggyu’s (INFINITE) musical. We also visited the broadcasting stations (SBS, KBS, MBC) and some malls that y’all might recognise from Running Man.

Our Itinerary

Day  0 // Tues Night flight to Incheon Airport via Korean Air (SIN to ICN)
Day 1 // Wed Express Bus Terminal shopping

Myeongdong shopping

Day 2 // Thurs Everland

Myeongdong food + K-beauty store review

Day 3 // Fri Dongdaemun shopping

DOTS exhibition @Doota

Itaewon shopping

Day 4 // Sat Digital Media City (MBC, SBS Broadcasting Stations)

Hongdae Shopping (Hongik University)

Edae Shopping (Ewha University)

Day 5 // Sun Gyeongbokgung Palace sightseeing

Insadong shopping

‘All Shook Up’ (Musical)

Day 6 // Mon JYP Ent

K-Star Road @Apgujeong

COEX Mall shopping

SM TOWN @coexartium

Day 7 // Tues


YG Ent

Hapjeong shopping

Day 8 // Wed Namsan Tower

Namdaemun shopping

Cat Café @Myeongdong

Day 9 // Thu Dongdaemun shopping

IFC Mall

Times Square

Day 10 // Fri How to do tax refunds at the airport

Flight back home (ICN to SIN)

This itinerary isn’t for the faint of heart; my family clocked over 12km of walking per day just covering these few places, but our shopping haul was totally worth the subsequent foot pain. And the itinerary was planned by location, so that we would minimise travelling time and maximise our exploration of a certain area each day (and by exploration, I really just mean eating and shopping).

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5 Things About Me

>> 5 things you’ll find in my backpack/handbag

  • my wallet
  • a portable charger
  • my phone
  • a water bottle (#thirstyaf)
  • snacks cos dis bitch is always hungry

>> 5 things in my bedroom

  • K-pop posters (INFINITE, BTS and Monsta X)
  • 3 unicorn soft toys
  • Some tsum tsums (alliteration!!)
  • pictures of family & friends
  • my diary

>> 5 things I always wanted to do in life

  • migrate to a country so very far away from here
  • fall in love with a really nice and tall guy
  • have cute kids
  • get a pet cat and dog
  • die peacefully 🙂

>> 5 things that make me happy

  • anything Disney-related
  • unicorns, sparkles and glitter on anything 🙂
  • reading The Notebook, because that’s the happy ending I’m chasing after
  • sitting alone and thinking
  • flying out of Singapore

>> 5 things I’m currently into

  • Netflix
  • procrastinating
  • knitting
  • writing new quotes for my tumblr (shameless self-advertising)
  • dancing

>> 5 things on my to-do list

  • go to Costa Rica and volunteer at the sloth sanctuary there
  • erm, get kissed maybe? I’m already 19 😦
  • survive the boredom that is university life
  • fall in love
  • re-read all the Harry Potter books by Christmas

>> 5 things you may not know about me

  • I’m a polyglot (Eng, Chi, Kor & I’m starting on French)
  • I’m a massive Koreaboo
  • I know the entire script of all 3 Narnia movies by heart because I’ve watched them 100 times
  • I used to be an overachiever until Junior College, when I burnt out
  • My spirit animal is a unislothtato (a unicorn/sloth/potato)

Hello, It’s Me

I’m Faith, born in ’97 and currently studying in NUS Med. I’m a polyglot (🇬🇧🇰🇷🇨🇳🇫🇷), Christian, Koreaboo and a unicorn in disguise. I love thinking too deeply about anything and everything, as well as psychoanalysing song lyrics because words make me feel in ways that nothing else can. But I also have simpler hobbies like sleeping and binge-watching shows like Gotham, Elementary, Riverdale, Stranger Things, everything Marvel-related and some K-dramas.

I’ve been an active tumblr writer since 2014, posting my short pieces or writing there until recently, when I felt that one creative outlet simply wasn’t enough. I’ve been itching to blog about my travels, medical school and daily life, and long posts just aren’t tumblr-appropriate, which is why I’ve started this blog. I’ll post anything from travel blogs, to what life in YLLSoM is like, to random musings about life.

I have zero expectations for this blog and just needed to create my own safe-haven on the internet where I’m free to dish out my opinions, share my dreams with strangers online and write in a judgement-free environment. (but don’t we all know that the internet is the most judgmental place ever???)


xoxo, Faith